Brick, Stone & Masonry cleaning

As with many old property’s, it is not only the old oak and elm timber’s that have been painted with many layers (and colours) of gloss, emulsion & lime wash paints.

This is another area that our cleaning system with adjustable pressures and number of soft media’s available to us excels in. Cleaning of brick, stone and masonry inside and outside of your property enables old historic fireplaces, walls, fire surrounds, plinths, floor’s and many other stone areas to be exposed and cleaned enabling lovely features to be uncovered and transformed to there original state and beauty. (This leaves a fantastic feature and talking point in any property)

stone-1 stone-2 stone-3 stone-4

The pictures above are of a lovely 16th century Devon granite stone fire surround at a property in south Devon, This had very old gloss and emulsion paint ingrained into the stone that was very difficult to remove by hand, We where able to remove the paint using are cleaning system leaving a more natural granite finish to the fire surround.


Here we have a granite stone fire place with over 200 years of smoke discolouration, as you can see the process we use cleans this back to the original colour, which lightens the whole look of the fire surround at this farm house in Somerset.

floor-3 floor-4 floor-2 floor-1


This restoration took us to the lake district near Keswick, we used our system to clean all the oak,elm and pine beams and Cumbrian granite stone throughout this lovely and very rural old shepherds cottage. the examples above are of the granite fire surround and floor flag stones. These had been painted with white gloss paint around the edge of each room (we think this was around a rug positioned in the middle of each room) The white gloss paint was cleaned and removed with our system, This left the fire surround and flag stone flooring a lovely shade of pink found in Cumbrian granite. This was to be left exposed as the main feature in this lovely property.

fire-place-3The pictures above are of soft hand made 17th century bricks covered in lime wash and emulsion paint. as you can see our process removes the paint and grime without damaging the brick surface leaving a lovely exposed wall as a feature.

Our process removed the thick green gloss paint to reveal lovely sandstone sills and plinths. leaving a more natural look for this 18th century former farm house in Leicestershire.

Here we have an interesting use for our cleaning system and a first for ourselves. We had been approached by a client in Devon with a 16th century Devon long house with original cob walls.These over the years had painted layer upon layer of lime wash. Then paint in recent times with thick white gloss. As the home owners where looking to put the property back to original condition the gloss paint was causing enormous problems. As we are able to adjust the pressure and media we use in our cleaning system, it allowed us to remove the paint coatings, leaving the historic cob wall in its natural condition ready for painting in authentic lime paint. This saved enormous amounts of time and cost to this lovely renovation.

Please take the time to read our testimonials as these hopefully give an idea of the feelings of past clients and the clean up service we insist on.

We understand you will probably have many questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to answer your questions. Send some photographs if possible as this will help to give a better idea of what we are dealing with.

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